Optical Emission Spectrometer In The Automotive Industry

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Author : Jerry He
Update time : 2019-10-08 15:36:51
The Optical Emission Spectrometer has the advantages of fast analysis speed, high precision, simple operation and wide application range. Let me introduce you to the importance of optical emission spectrometer in the automotive industry.

As we all know, in recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the pace of cars entering the family has been accelerating. People's requirements for safety, environmental protection, and vehicle quality are constantly improving. There are about 20,000 parts that make up a car, and 80% of these parts are about metal materials. It can be said that metal materials are the basis of automobiles. The main components of these metal materials are steel and aluminum alloys. The quality of these metals is directly related to the quality of the car. The state has set many standards for automotive alloys, such as: "GB/T 23301-2009 cast aluminum alloy for automobile wheels", "GB11262-1989 hot-rolled steel for automobile wheel rims", "GB 1501-1979 for automobile wheel retaining ring" Hot-rolled steel "GB/T 20564-2007 high-strength cold-rolled steel sheet and strip for automobiles". These standards impose certain requirements on the composition of automotive alloy materials. At present, the alloy materials used in automobile bodies are mainly cold-rolled steel sheets and steel strips. The material of this steel sheet is directly related to the safety performance of automobile bodies. Every piece of automotive steel sheet must pass strict screening before it can be used. Metal parts, as an important structural and functional part of the car, also affect the technical performance and quality of the entire vehicle.

As a fast analysis instrument for metal materials, the optical emission spectrometer provides a perfect solution for the inspection of metal parts. It can quickly analyze steel and non-ferrous materials according to user needs, providing customers with strong protection.
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