Difference between Vacuum Pump and Argon Purge in Optical Emission Spectroscopy

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Author : Jerry He
Update time : 2019-09-28 09:43:48
For detecting non-metallic elements such as C, P, S, N, etc., the amount of air in the optical chamber will strongly absorb the spectral lines of these elements which cause the spectral intensity to sharply weaken and affect elemental measurement. So the air in the light chamber is removed. There are two ways to remove air impurities on the market today. One is vacuum pump and another is argon purge.

1. Vacuum Optical Emission Spectroscopy

For the vacuuming method, the vacuum chamber is used to extract the air in the optical chamber and the optical chamber is in a vacuum state, thereby realizing the measurement of non-metallic elements such as C, P, S, and N. For the current technical accumulation of most vacuum optical emission spectrometer products on the market and the continuous improvement of the technological level, the production cost is high, but the technology is skilled, the data is reliable, the long-term is relatively stable, and the air leakage rate is relatively low. Therefore, this method is generally used in high-end and high-performance products at home and abroad.

2. Argon Purge Optical Emission Spectroscopy

This method uses argon (inert gas) to fill the optical chamber to discharge the air in the optical chamber, thereby achieving measurement of non-metallic elements such as C, P, S, and N. This method does not require high tensile strength requirements for the optical chamber, so the instrument can be made small to facilitate instrument installation and movement. The argon filling method generally has high requirements for the purity of argon gas, and the air leakage rate should be sufficiently ensured, and the argon gas consumption is relatively fast.

In order to meet the demand for optical emission spectroscopy in the market, the two types of optical emission spectroscopy have their own advantages.
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